Latest release: 021.1:004.2

I compose minimalist electronic music, released online since 2010.

In minimalism, only the fundamental elements of a piece of architecture, art, design, or music are present; there are no superficial embellishments. Similarly, my music is pared down to the basic structure of 1 or 2-bar musical units of drum beat, bassline, and a few melodic parts. I do not write songs or make albums in the traditional sense, although Volumes contain a set of Sequences. Each Sequence progresses very subtly with slight variations and some bassline progressions are based on exotic musical scales. All the parts are monophonic with no chords. Not using chords completely (monumentally) changed how I think about composition.

Some equate minimalism with "modernism," however, some of the concepts in my music stem from classical Zen ideals. Minimalism, when executed the right way, exudes timelessness that reach far beyond the period a work of art is created in.

Minimalism is a polarizing concept. It is polarizing because most people are accustomed to, and certainly expect, certain elements in music. My work challenges and breaks down preconceived notions of what music should be and liberates the mind.


Lineage: Korean
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Education: BS Mathematics
Religion: None
Location: Irvine, CA-USA

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